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At a time when should I consider the golden triangle tour during my visit to India?

The golden triangle tour 4 nights 5 days package is one of the most popular itineraries for people visiting India. It includes three major cities in North India with rich architectural heritage – Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. A lot of tourists have often asked us if they should consider the golden triangle tour or not during their visit to India. We feel that the answer lies mostly in the focus or the aim of your travel to India. Here’s a gist of the experiences that you will be able to enjoy during the golden triangle tour:

Top Things to do in Golden Triangle Tours

  1. A trip into India’s history

The Mughals and the Rajputs played a major role in the Indian history. Their architectural work, their cultures, and their ideologies were deeply embedded in the society. India continues to mirror many of their traditions till this day. During the golden triangle tour 4 days, you will get the chance to visit various palaces and forts built by different kings and queens who ruled India. While the Mughal architecture depicted certain Persian influences, the Rajputs built their palaces in an authentic Rajputana architecture style.

Every historic monument also includes many stories about its residents and their principles about life and religion. So if your aim for visiting India is to learn about its rich history, then the golden triangle tour should perfectly fit into your itinerary.

  • Witness the splendour of one of the Seven Wonders of the World

If visiting the Seven Wonders of the World I on your bucket list, then you can tick Taj Mahal off, through your golden triangle tour in India. This mausoleum that depicts love and loss is worth every traveller’s time. Agra’s biggest tourist attraction is not just about beautiful architecture, but also about the history behind this monument.

While you will be visiting a few more historical monuments in Agra, this is Taj Mahal is one place that will be etched in your memory forever.

Explore Delhi Agra Jaipur with Indian Cuisine

  • Exploring Indian cuisines

The Indian cuisine is wide and varied. As a part of your golden triangle tour 4 days or 5 days package, you will be staying in different hotels in the cities of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

You will notice that each of the three cities you visit has a unique set of dishes popularized by the locals of the region. As a tourist, you may want to avoid street food, which can affect your digestive system.

Best Time to Travel in Golden Triangle Tour

Instead, we advise our travellers to taste the local cuisine from reputed restaurants which maintain hygiene and quality in their food.

Travellers who like exploring new cuisines will find the golden triangle tour gives them the opportunity to have food of at least two different cuisines – North Indian or Delhi-style food, and Rajasthani cuisine.

Interacting with local artists

In all the three cities, you will be visiting local marketplaces which promote local artisans. You will find handmade products of all kind which can either be carried back as souvenirs for your trip to India.

Jaipur is especially rich in handcrafted products where you can find beautifully designed carpets, rugs, clothes and bed linen in addition to the usual touristy souvenirs available in the marketplaces. 

Travellers who love handcrafted products sourced directly from the artisans and who want to interact directly with local Indian artisans will find the tour to be extremely gratifying.

See the rural and urban side of India

Through the golden triangle tour 5 days or 4 days package

Most tourists want to see India’s urban cities as well as the rural areas of India. The golden triangle tour 5 days or 4 days package will allow you to witness life in the rural areas of India when you are travelling from Delhi to Jaipur both are famous North India Tour Places. You will come across a number of fields and farms and you may even find farmers working on their fields. Views of the rural parts of India are naturally beautiful.

Best Travelling Year of 2020: Golden Triangle Tour Package in India

If you are planning to visit India, the golden triangle tour 4 days or 5 days package is a great inclusion in your itinerary. Not only will you be able to explore the many historical monuments and learn about India’s history, you will also find that the tour gives you the opportunity to know the people, learn about the culture and understand the traditions of India.


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